Commenting on the Commented

Welcome to my critical reflection of my peer commentary for BCM325…

The Comments

Pitch 1: Jess Virgus is continuing her DA from previous subjects, being a bookstagram, and using this to examine how future technologies will impact the future of Bookstagram/Publishing communities.

Reflection 1: 

While researching this project, I learned about a topic I am not very familiar with – being bookstagram in relation to a career in publishing. Jess was able to continue her DA from last year into this subject, which made me reflect on my choice to completely start a new DA that does not correlate with my previous TikTok Digital Artefact. This made me look back to the original purpose of this subject: to study the future and our lives within this future. From this, I was able to gain confidence in my career plan DA and feel certain in my project plan, thereby motivating me to start conducting research for my own DA. 

Jess’s pitch also made me reflect on the importance of making it super easy for audiences to find and engage with your content. As I was watching Jess’s blog, I had trouble finding her Instagram page’s handle, and I almost gave up – meaning Jess would have lost the potential to gain a follower and audience engagement. I learnt from this that I need to make all of my social media handles easy to find at the end of each of my blog posts and include a call to action of ‘follow me’ to encourage audience engagement.

Pitch 2: Shalisse Thompson is creating weekly podcasts on TikTok with her friend discussing how the past predicted current trends and how our current trends will predict the future in music, art, TV and gaming.

Reflection 2:

While writing my peer comment for Shalisse, I referred her to a concept explored in Jess’s blog (prosumer) that I had not previously considered. This process made me reflect on how valuable this pitch commenting process is. I can use other students’ insights to help myself and others develop further our research.

While I was writing Shalisse’s comment about incorporating more BCM325 theory, I also reflected on my project and how informed it is by course theory. Indeed, this reflection has allowed me to slightly change the structure of my DA, with each blog post centred around a specific concept, such as ‘alternate futures’, which I can then relate to my future career plan and research. This process will ensure that my project always focuses on what I learn through this subject and make my DA richer with content.

Pitch 3: Sophie Tilling is continuing her sustainable fashion Instagram account, focusing on the environment’s future if fast fashion keeps growing in popularity.

Reflection 3:

Sophie’s pitch made me reflect on how vital grounding primary research and opinions are with substantial background research – as she did an excellent job of this. The way Sophie skillfully incorporated her background research and knowledge with her project plan and ideas is something I wish to emulate in my future blog posts.

While I discussed in Sophie’s comment how she failed to include the personal utility of her project, I reflected upon my DA and the utility it will offer me; a 5 year researched personalised career plan AND relevant social media work experience within the DMS. Sophie’s project thereby allowed me to reflect on the benefit my project will offer me and made me excited to continue my project. This realisation will help me stay consistent and motivated in conducting my digital artefact.

The Final Thoughts

Thanks for Reading, and Remember to Keep it Sweet!

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